The Sanctuary at Sunrise Hill THE SANCTUARY

The Sanctuary at Sunrise HillSometimes there is a space or a place of aliveness upon the land that has not been lost to so-called-progress.

There’s a resonance you can feel the moment your feet walk its earth. It is the energy of the life force, and it feels like home.

The Sanctuary at Sunrise Hill is a place pulsating with life. Located in beautiful Kennebunkport, Maine, this hallowed ground echoes with stories of the ancient peoples who made their summer encampment here, where the Batson River wends its way to the sea. I acknowledge and respect the enduring relationship the The Abenaki People had with this land. I pay my respect to Elders past, present and future and remember that sovereignty was never fairly ceded.

This high point of land was named Sunrise Hill by eighteenth century ships’ captains because it was easily seen offshore illuminated by the sun’s morning rays.

Canopies of giant oaks and soaring maples provide shady respite beneath cobalt blue skies. Apple trees and 250-year old lilacs fill the air with fragrance. Acres of woodland and open spaces are dotted with contemplative sitting areas. The land connects through a winding pathway to an extensive trail system within the Emmons Preserve nearby.

This is the place to Reclaim Your Wild.

Sanctuary Experiences

The Sanctuary at Sunrise Hill’s retreat workshops are crafted with great care, essential truth, and a little bit of magic. Skilled local wisdom-keepers join Jennifer Comeau, who is host and guide.

Opening to the Fullest Expression of You

Barnette In Autumn, Sanctuary at Sunrise HillEach of us is born with a set of sacred agreements – our own unique contribution to that which the world needs. The new guru is not outside ourselves, and yet, it is not a solo-spiritual endeavor. Now is the time to trust in our own divinity and that of others, and TOGETHER take the next step in human evolution, the awakening of the heart.

Barnette Interior, Sanctuary at Sunrise HillIn this sacred circle, you will experience:

  • Fierce support to attune to your genuine, highest Self
  • Being in powerful focus and intention so that you may notice, deepen, and embody your own divine wisdom
  • A way of listening at the deepest levels to yourself and others
  • An opportunity for follow-up connection to further your goals

“I felt that my own world and the world around me had become more animated, my dreams more possible. I felt braver, freer to explore more of my own depths, encouraged and enlarged by the stories from the other participants.” ~ Deb B.

For more information, contact me.

Overgrown and Forgotten:  THE ROAD OF THE SOUL™

Road of the Soul WorkshopAnd then there comes a time to listen to that niggling something you hear most often in the middle of the night – your own soul’s longing.

Have you too followed your culture’s rules for success? Those things to do and those ways to act that are required in order to achieve the so-called pinnacle?

Yes, you’ve worked hard to climb that peak, striving for and achieving titles, minions – and results as well.

Well, you’re there. Look around.

Does it seem empty, desolate and barren? For you, does it lack an essential vitality? Perhaps it’s time to realize you are compromising.

Peace Dream WorkshopStop climbing everybody else’s mountain. The only mountain longing to be climbed is your own.

In this wildly creative two-day retreat, allow yourself to become immersed in the magical, healing power of nature — listening, sharing with other like-minded sojourners, and then listening some more for your new definition of success. One that casts off the tired mantras you’ve heard all your life.

Come along on a journey to find that lost and abandoned part of you that beckons like a safe and welcoming place. The Road of the Soul™ offers a simple, yet stunningly-powerful model to follow. In the Sanctuary, amidst nature’s beauty, learn about THE FIVE CORDS OF CONNECTION™, and how to harness them so that you too can remember and reclaim the mountain of your own soul’s longing.