30 Jul, 2014

The Woods at Timber Point

30 Jul, 2014

The view from an old oak on Timber Point (c)2015 Jennifer Comeau



with breezes like assurances from a gentle god

and skies as fair as my eyes

through her woods

I walked

working hard to slow my pace

holding a question

and searching for signs

aware that each step —

whether on crushed stone

or wood chips

landed like an assault

on her solitary loveliness.



with fog draping the coast in a sudden mood swing

and winds extinguished like a candle

slow and quiet

through her woods

I tip-toed

intent upon only this

with each shift of my gaze —

a sinking, a deepening, an honoring

this holy place

and the wisdom I had so desperately sought —

revealed itself



(c) 2015, Jennifer Comeau



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