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Jennifer Comeau has an engineer’s mind and a poet’s heart, and that’s a powerful combination. A different kind of speaker-performer, Jennifer’s events are different too. Sit-back-in-your-seat-with-arms-crossed-waiting-to-be-entertained? Not a chance. Hers are beguiling invitations: Come, let us together reclaim our natural wisdom; our natural magic! She integrates music performances, the power of stories, some cool techy stuff, and nature as teacher, healer, holder of knowledge, and guide. She creates experiences where give and take – reciprocity – becomes a new, woven moment, whole and profound.

You want tangible, actionable ideas, strategies and practices? Go find any of the many speakers who promise this illusion. (But you already know how to do this part!)

Jennifer’s mission is inspiration. Inspiration is the fuel that propels creativity and change, and Jennifer’s is rocket-worthy, with contrails of crystalline fairy dust.

Jennifer has spoken or performed at conferences and events such as the International Coach Federation, International Manufacturing Technology Conference, NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership, Colby College Institute for Leadership, St. Mary’s College of Notre Dame, State University of New York at Buffalo, NH Women’s Leadership Summit, Maine Human Resources Conference, and the Hospice of Southern Maine.

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Selected Topics:

STRONG HOPE, DEEP COURAGE, BIG LOVE™ ~ A Climate Conversation with Jennifer Comeau

This 2 +/- hour workshop shares the latest sentiments of global leaders, visionaries, and activists, and also explores how we as individuals, organizations, and communities must adapt new capacities in the face of climate change. A complement to other data-heavy talks or workshops, this conversation is particularly focused on the psycho-social aspects of climate change. (e.g. Who are we being amidst the necessary shifts and transitions that are now a part of our lives?) Whether it is a public workshop, or an organizational one, Jennifer seeks out all voices, in particular those of young people, to ensure a multi-facet discussion.

The workshop’s focus:

  1. a) Understanding the crucial skills and capacities necessary to meet These Times with deep equanimity
  2. b) Raising consciousness by de-programming the story of  “the Other” and “earth as resource to exploit”
  3. c) Infecting the “Field of Possibility” with imaginative solutions and optimism
  4. d) Raising funds for visionaries and organizations who seek to preserve, restore, honor, and cherish our living, interconnected earth.

“Amid the paralyzing bad news, the paradox and the gift of these times: any act, no matter how small, if done in love, can shift the consciousness necessary to bring about new  solutions to the climate crisis and a new interconnectedness in our world. We don’t have to move mountains. We only have to move ourselves in the direction of healing and love, starting close-in.”      ~ Jennifer Comeau


What can happen when we shed our attitude of “dominion over” our gardens? What if we remembered and restored our sacred partnership with the natural world, letting “What wants to grow” grow? In this inspiring and immersive 2 +/- hour workshop, Jennifer leads participants in nine ways to infuse our landscapes and our lives with what renowned landscape designer Mary Reynolds calls, “the healing, magical energy of the earth.”

What the Oak and the Eagle Know:  APPROVE THIS MOMENT™

What if we returned to the ancient wisdom of the oak and the eagle? What if we remembered that each of us is a creator and the only time is NOW? What then? How then would we live?

In this powerful and poignant experience-in-action that includes musical performance, Jennifer Comeau shares the knowing that took root in her being when she was a buck-toothed, stringy-haired, eager-to-please eleven year old.

Experience a profound remembering of the secrets to a life of meaning and joy.

Shifting the Way We Work Things Out:  HEEDING THE HEALER’S CALL

In these past decades of stress: decision making has sped up, work hours are longer, and commitment between employer and employee has broken down. Looking around a bit more, we see that species like the honeybee are dying in record numbers, and people are fleeing their homes in war-torn lands. Indeed, there is a deep schism among us, and – we argue about everything.

Yet, there exists a deeper, persistent drumbeat inside of us – our natural proclivity to bring healing into our lives and our circumstances.

John Muir is quoted as saying, “When we try to pick out anything by itself we find that it is bound fast by a thousand invisible cords that cannot be broken, to everything in the universe.” Well then, what if we shifted the way we work things out? What if we donned the robes of a healer? A healer is, at its most elemental, someone who in the moment has something to offer, and feels called (with guidance) to meet a need.

How do we tap into that guidance within ourselves? What would it look like on a moment-by-moment basis?

In this provocative and poignant performance-presentation, Jennifer Comeau shows us how to hold and carry the enormous burden of knowing or seeing or experiencing all that has been violated and is broken in our systems, within our peoples, and against all living beings. Rather than be a “downer”, paradoxically, it is one of the most inspirational performance-presentations Jennifer has ever given.

Professor Porcupine and Doctor Stone:  THE NATURE OF NATURE

Somewhere even beyond Winnie the Pooh’s Hundred Acre Wood, there exists something — an essence — found only in nature. It’s called, Aliveness! You can feel it when jumping in puddles after a sudden rain shower, when clamoring up a big rock just to see what you can see, or when laying down to watch the big, puffy-white cloud parade pass you by.

Jennifer Comeau invites young persons and the young-at-heart to explore the essential nature of Nature. Nature, like Professor Porcupine, who is a natural teacher. Nature, like Doctor Stone, who heals just by being still. Nature, whose only inclination is to be utterly itself.

Drawing from her forthcoming book, SHHH! Too secret to be revealed, Jennifer incorporates aspects of mythical story-telling into Living Theater that is hilarious and fun. The event offers the next generation a clear and compelling way to immediately step into relationship with Nature.