03 Feb, 2020


03 Feb, 2020

Winter Panorama

Winter. The still time.

Sometimes I get nudgy

habituated to movement and action

when what is called for is non-doing and rest.

I tremble and plead for answers to my questions put as demands:

Tell me, show me, send me a sign.

When what is called for is rest.

I want to fling myself

into certainty and “the known”

when what is called for

Is rest.

If only I had the answers, I tell myself.


I’d rest.



  • Marti February 03, 2020

    A stunning reflection, Jen that struck
    my heart.
    Thank you!❤️


    • Jen Comeau February 12, 2020

      Well thank you, Marti.
      These simple truths. Isn’t it so?
      Love to you.


  • leeper03 February 03, 2020

    when ee open our minds beyond the glaring daily facade, what insight peak out if we dare to open our eyes.


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