01 Jan, 2021

Dirty Dishes

01 Jan, 2021

Dirty Dishes

Sometimes the gunky cheese board

and oily salad bowl


remain in the sink

alongside the soaking fry pan

because a wild

dream-filled sleep

seems the better



Sometimes the empty quiche plate

and crumb-filled cutting board


join the pile

because a breakfast

picnic of reheated leftovers

seems imperative —

down Land’s End, overlooking

Cape Porpoise harbor

Cape Porpoise Harbor Photo by Bob Dennis

Photo Credit: Bob Dennis


sitting on the tailgate of

a vintage F-150 pickup;

dog whining for handouts,

thermos of coffee steaming

into the air.


Sometimes the soapy sponge

and lemon-scented water


glide across the cheeseboard and fry pan

a meditation, not obligation, because

fantastical night capers linger

in your aura,

and you are full

of seagull cry and salt wind.

Your blood now ripples

of shoreline over stone,

and the sun shines out of your eyes.


© 2021 Jennifer Comeau



  • Cheryl Joaquim January 01, 2021

    I love your whimsical words and string of thoughts -can vision so easily


  • Rozanne Hakala January 01, 2021

    Lovely… and so right. Knowing what’s important in life makes us richer… and makes life more complete.


    • Jen Comeau January 01, 2021

      Thank you, Rozanne. I tell myself it’s no excuse to let things get cra-cra around the house. 🙂


      • Marie S Cary January 01, 2021

        Very nice Jen. I can see you perfectly!


  • Mary Elizabeth Nordstrom January 02, 2021

    No rodents lurking in your house?
    I was disciplined to clean up so there would be none in mine.
    Perhaps your poem is just wishful thinking!


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