01 Apr, 2015

At the Fairy Ring

01 Apr, 2015

I like to imagine
the carver's desecration halted
mid-letter --
E C \
(was it to be a 'V' or a 'W'?)
by the Fairy Queen herself
outrage propelling her through
the veil to our
dense air.

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02 Feb, 2015


02 Feb, 2015

And I stopped,
heart hammering from exertion
snow shoes resting in deep wells of powder
wind gust rustling the ample boughs
of a Hemlock nearby --
accumulations releasing in a mellifluous whoosh.
A show shoe path through the woods of Maine
And I heard, Are you with us?

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22 Sep, 2014

At Long Last

22 Sep, 2014

I’ve come out of hiding
at long last
a half-century is all
it took
This is no crossroads;
this is a launch.
From a cliff?
Into a sea?
Up where the air is clear?

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30 Jul, 2014

The Woods at Timber Point

30 Jul, 2014

with breezes like assurances from a gentle god
and skies as fair as my eyes
through her woods
I walked
working hard to slow my pacev holding a question
and searching for signs

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