15 Apr, 2015

To My Fellow Pilgrims

15 Apr, 2015

This is what I will tell you: Never again carry an itinerary.
Okay, have a landing pad and a departure pad
as anchors if you must.
But that is all.
Allow each moment to inform the next.
Nowhere to go; no place to be, except
right here
for as long as you decide.

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04 Apr, 2015

Since Galway

04 Apr, 2015

I saw her then
around the hundredth bend since Galway
thumb out
cherub rosy cheeks of youth
in the misty rain.
By instinct, I pulled to the roughened side
hastily clearing the seat of
rain pants, extra socks, and water bottle
ahead of rushed exhalations of thanks.

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02 Apr, 2015

April in Connemara

02 Apr, 2015

On a day when winds are raw, rains insist
on their priority,
and fog is playing stingy
with the view
don’t climb Diamond Hill in some
stubborn display of endurance.
No panorama rewards your foolishness.

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01 Apr, 2015

At the Fairy Ring

01 Apr, 2015

I like to imagine
the carver's desecration halted
mid-letter --
E C \
(was it to be a 'V' or a 'W'?)
by the Fairy Queen herself
outrage propelling her through
the veil to our
dense air.

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