Your Road by Jennifer Comeau YOUR ROAD YOUR ROAD

“I believe there are FIVE INVISIBLE CORDS OF CONNECTION™. They are: to Heart, Mind, Body, Spirit, and Terra (the earth you walk).” ~ Jennifer Comeau

Your RoadYour road is the only road worth traveling. And it turns out it’s chalk-full of connections – the invisible threads that bind you to your experience upon this earth. Actually are millions of these fine threads. Jennifer Comeau has concentrated them, from listening to her dreams, into THE FIVE INVISIBLE CORDS OF CONNECTION™.

These cords either help, or hurt your journey. They are either in accord or in discord. And healing the connections leads you to the road of the soul. From her own weird, perilous, and sometimes despair-filled road back to her soul, Jennifer has a wish for you: “Don’t waste another minute walking another’s path up to another’s mountain.”

She extends a powerful but sincere invitation to find a way forward.

So get curious. Get going. Walk that road.

Ways forward:

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