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Jennifer Comeau has an engineer’s mind and a poet’s heart, and that’s a powerful combination. A different kind of speaker-performer, Jennifer’s events are different too. Sit-back-in-your-seat-with-arms-crossed-waiting-to-be-entertained? Not a chance. Hers are beguiling invitations: Come, let us together reclaim our natural wisdom; our natural magic! She integrates music performances, the power of stories, some cool techy stuff, and nature as teacher, healer, holder of knowledge, and guide. She creates experiences where give and take – reciprocity – becomes a new, woven moment, whole and profound.

You want tangible, actionable ideas, strategies and practices? Go find any of the many speakers who promise this illusion. (But you already know how to do this part!)

Jennifer’s mission is inspiration. Inspiration is the fuel that propels creativity and change, and Jennifer’s is rocket-worthy, with contrails of crystalline fairy dust.

Jennifer has spoken or performed at conferences and events such as the International Coach Federation, International Manufacturing Technology Conference, NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership, Colby College Institute for Leadership, St. Mary’s College of Notre Dame, State University of New York at Buffalo, NH Women’s Leadership Summit, Maine Human Resources Conference, and the Hospice of Southern Maine.

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Selected Topics:


“We may not have chosen the time. But the time has chosen us.”  — John Robert Lewis

Everywhere you look, you see it coming. We are in an unfolding ecological and planetary crisis. And yet, have you observed in yourself or others the tendency toward overwhelm, shutting down or dissociation at precisely the time when creative collaborations are vital?

Recognizing this unique moment – the most transformative era in human history and the stakes for life on earth – Jennifer Comeau hosts workshops that provide tools to give you buoyancy amid looming uncertainty and great loss.


What can happen when we shed our attitude of “dominion over” our gardens? What if we remembered and restored our sacred partnership with the natural world, letting “What wants to grow” grow? In this inspiring and immersive 2 +/- hour workshop, Jennifer leads participants in nine ways to infuse our landscapes and our lives with what renowned landscape designer Mary Reynolds calls, “the healing, magical energy of the earth.”