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02 Apr, 2015

April in Connemara

02 Apr, 2015

On a day when winds are raw, rains insist
on their priority,
and fog is playing stingy
with the view
don’t climb Diamond Hill in some
stubborn display of endurance.
No panorama rewards your foolishness.

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01 Apr, 2015

At the Fairy Ring

01 Apr, 2015

I like to imagine
the carver's desecration halted
mid-letter --
E C \
(was it to be a 'V' or a 'W'?)
by the Fairy Queen herself
outrage propelling her through
the veil to our
dense air.

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02 Feb, 2015


02 Feb, 2015
And I stopped,
heart hammering from exertion
snow shoes resting in deep wells of powder
wind gust rustling the ample boughs
of a Hemlock nearby --
accumulations releasing in a mellifluous whoosh.
A show shoe path through the woods of Maine
And I heard, Are you with us?
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19 Dec, 2014

Come by Here

19 Dec, 2014

(From a guest sermon message at Union Church – November 16, 2014)

I want to share this very human idea that God is someone we call on, or return to again and again, when in fact, God never leaves. It is we who leave. And yet, we ask over, and...

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22 Sep, 2014

Humble Tasks

22 Sep, 2014

You take no credit, as the night
sky takes no credit for the moon
she writes as if only to me
And I ask her
How can I be that vessel of emptiness
who by being nothing
invites everything?

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22 Sep, 2014

At Long Last

22 Sep, 2014
I’ve come out of hiding
at long last
a half-century is all
it took
This is no crossroads;
this is a launch.
From a cliff?
Into a sea?
Up where the air is clear?
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30 Jul, 2014

The Woods at Timber Point

30 Jul, 2014

with breezes like assurances from a gentle god
and skies as fair as my eyes
through her woods
I walked
working hard to slow my pacev holding a question
and searching for signs

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30 Jul, 2014


30 Jul, 2014
The wolves, they haunt me
slinking from the poem about a lonesome one’s journey
springing from the book about their predatory value to the whole.
She tells me it is no accident
their coming to me,
and I long to greet them again
in night school.
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30 Jul, 2014

Bartlett’s Island

30 Jul, 2014

Did you know?
moss likes to be tickled as you walk by
chickadees will follow you if you ask them to
there is nothing so exciting as the far off sound of ocean from a protected spot in the woods
Did you know?
tree roots are decorations for the earth's floor
and fallen trees become...

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30 Jul, 2014

Spirit Exists, and So! Heeding the Healer’s Call

30 Jul, 2014

(From a Recent Guest Sermon at Local Union Church)

Some of you may know that I have shifted in the way I am approaching life’s journey, from, Life as Project Plan to Life as Unfolding Experiment. I’ve created a list, comparing a left-brain, cause-effect approach to life (from a Project...

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