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Honeybees hum, robins chirp, wolves howl, and bullfrogs croak. All beings have their own song. Songs can open our hearts, and the ancients tell us that when all beings utter their own, true note perfectly then all creation will once again be perfect.

Science has shown us that music taps into different areas of the brain beyond that of language. What is harder to explain is the astonishing way in which it can deeply and personally move us — shift us to a new awareness — a moment of gratitude or sadness or triumph.


I remember sitting on my father’s lap, rocking to the moody croonings of Irish songman, Tommy Makem, as Dad hums along. It is sanctuary I am feeling. And Tommy Makem sings as if only to me, “We are the Irish. We are the dreamers of dreams. …”

My songs come from the Irish oral storytelling tradition — born of dreams, and layered with resonances that swirl around my heart and emerge — their own life force. Like clouds – fair-weather harbingers, bringers of rainfall, witnesses to a storm – they reveal the duality of life — its beauty and messiness; its cosmic and comic; what stirs and saddens.


She Flies by Jennifer Comeau


Feed the Tribe by Jennifer Comeau

Feed the Tribe