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This is my Third Transformation in C Major.

I believe personal transformation takes courage, and a belief that there exists one wild creative place to return to again and again that is yours alone.

I work with people who have been driven by the so-called “success promise,” only to realize something inside themselves has been compromised in the process. When you Reclaim Your Wild, your life will have new meaning, deeper connections, and whopping contributions to the world. Listen. The road of the soul beckons. And yes, when you walk that road, your heart, indeed, hears a symphony.

What would it take for you to Reclaim your Wild?


My story is not a fairy tale; it is a tale guided by fairies.

Once upon a time…

  • Girl grows up singing, climbing trees, and writing poetry.
  • Girl achieves her masters degree in engineering, becoming schooled in the precision and rational world of Corporate America.
  • Girl, now woman, works hard, follows the rules, and achieves “success,” but at a cost. Something is missing.
  • Woman eschews corporate-life for a time, and then fully integrates its gifts, along with those of her innately wild, creative self.
  • Bravely, and sometimes not-so-bravely, woman follows the road of the soul to reclaim wild, inner sovereignty as speaker, author and story-teller, songwriter, conduit for creative expression, and keeper of sanctuary.
  • Woman begins to take a stand for the wild places and spaces, including those within each of us, for we too, are nature.
  • Woman extends a sweet invitation for you to do the same, and everyone lives… well, you know the rest.

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Ways forward:

Contact Jennifer. Schedule a free consult call to explore the opportunity to work together. Attend a retreat workshop.

Extended Bio

Non-angry-activist and creative Entrepreneur Jennifer Comeau has inspired people in hundreds of organizations and concert halls with her motivational leadership, speaking, and performing.

Jennifer grew up one of eight children in suburban Tonawanda, New York. (That’s Western New York, not upstate, dear Manhattan friends!)

A smarty, Jennifer earned a Masters of Engineering from University at Buffalo, and spent a decade at General Motors, and another dozen years working as an executive for manufacturers in the auto industry before shifting to the world of technology and information systems, where she road the “bubble to the bomb” wave.

Soon, Jennifer’s own mountain beckoned. She followed the road of the soul, and returned to her early love for how words, music, nature, and spaces – beautifully wild spaces – can enliven the whole landscape of a life. She began to write songs, and storiesspeaking and performing them throughout the country.

Jennifer began to take a stand for wild places and spaces, including those within each of us, for we too, are nature.

She began to create retreat experiences at the beautiful Sanctuary at Sunrise Hill.

And in all of this, Jennifer has maintained a philanthropic practice of donating 20% of all proceeds to causes that cultivate the work of land and animal protection, or of places that foster a spirit of courage, resiliency and hope among those facing difficult life circumstances.

She is mightily blessed to be married to a guy who holds her kite string and in whose “arms I soar” (lyrics from her song, Kite String), two people-like poodles who bring her both joy and life-lessons in equal measure, and scores of creatures and beings, animate and inanimate, seen and unseen who reside at Sunrise Hill.